CUnit Programmers Reference  3.0
Data Fields
CU_Suite Struct Reference

CUnit suite data type. More...

#include <TestDB.h>

Data Fields

char * pName
 Suite name.
CU_BOOL fActive
 Flag for whether suite is executed during a run.
CU_pTest pTest
 Pointer to the 1st test in the suite.
CU_InitializeFunc pInitializeFunc
 Pointer to the suite initialization function.
CU_CleanupFunc pCleanupFunc
 Pointer to the suite cleanup function.
CU_SetUpFunc pSetUpFunc
 Pointer to the test SetUp function.
CU_TearDownFunc pTearDownFunc
 Pointer to the test TearDown function.
CU_pTest pInitializeFuncTest
 Pointer to the "test" entry representing suite setup.
CU_pTest pCleanupFuncTest
 Pointer to the "test" entry representing suite cleanup.
unsigned int uiNumberOfTests
 Number of tests in the suite.
struct CU_SuitepNext
 Pointer to the next suite in linked list.
struct CU_SuitepPrev
 Pointer to the previous suite in linked list.
unsigned int uiNumberOfTestsFailed
 Number of failed tests in the suite.
unsigned int uiNumberOfTestsSuccess
 Number of success tests in the suite.
CU_BOOL fSetUpError
 Flag set if the suite setup function failed a CU_ASSERT.
CU_BOOL fCleanupError
 Flag set if the suite cleanup function failed a CU_ASSERT.
 Flag set if we are running the suite setup function.
CU_BOOL fInClean
 Flag set if we are running the suite cleanup function.
CU_BOOL fSkipped
 Flag for whether the suite was skipped during a run.
CU_BOOL fInTestSetup
 Flag set if we are running a test setup function.
CU_BOOL fInTestClean
 Flag set if we are running a test teardown function.
double dEnded
 clock time suite started

Detailed Description

CUnit suite data type.

CU_Suite is a linked list of CU_Test containers. Each suite has a name, a count of registered unit tests, and a flag for whether the suite is active during test runs. It also holds pointers to optional initialization and cleanup functions. If non-NULL, these are called before and after running the suite's tests, respectively. In addition, the suite holds a pointer to the head of the linked list of associated CU_Test objects. Finally, pointers to the next and previous suites in the linked list are maintained.

Generally, the linked list includes suites which are associated with each other in a CU_TestRegistry. As a result, suites are run in the order in which they are registered (see CU_add_suite()).

It is recommended that name of each CU_Suite in a test registry have a unique name. Otherwise, only the first-registered suite having a given name will be accessible by name. There are no restrictions on the contained tests. This means that the same CU_Test could, in principle, be run more than once fron different suites.

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