CUnit Programmers Reference  3.0
Data Fields
CU_SuiteInfo Struct Reference

Suite parameters. More...

#include <TestDB.h>

Data Fields

const char * pName
 Suite name.
CU_InitializeFunc pInitFunc
 Suite initialization function.
CU_CleanupFunc pCleanupFunc
 Suite cleanup function.
CU_SetUpFunc pSetUpFunc
 Pointer to the test SetUp function.
CU_TearDownFunc pTearDownFunc
 Pointer to the test TearDown function.
 Test case array - must be NULL terminated.

Detailed Description

Suite parameters.

This data type is provided to assist CUnit users manage collections of tests and suites. It is intended to be used to build arrays of suite parameters that can be passed to a bulk registration function such as CU_register_suite() or CU_register_suites().

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